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Help needed with possible bitcoin scam "in progress", can I get some money back?

Good day all, so, although I was relatively safe, I would like your advice and take on this:
I just wasted 300USD into it, and I am not 100% sure it is a scam. I would like to warn people/ask for advice.
A year or 2 back I matched a girl on tinder who came from HongKong and we became acquantainces on whatsapp: never met each other in real life, but talked off and on. Three months ago (I assume that's when she lost her number to someone else) she started talking about investing and getting some money out of it, which I initially didn't really care about, since I am happy with my index funds. She had a friend of an uncle who advised her. The weird part is that she still continued to send pictures of her doing stuff.
After three months I decided: The worst part that can happen is me losing 100USD to the bitcoin market.
She convinced me to open an account on Binance, bank-transfer money into it and then transfer to a MT5 trading platform. After I talked with the advisor, he said he would advice me on 3 deals to 'show his sincerity' and he would obtain his fee by the transfer fees. He adviced me twice to 'short-sell' at some point. I am currently at two trades and have made (in my opinion) a rediculous amount of money (80% gain) and I am now at like 540USD according to this platform. However, when I tried to withdraw 20USD money from the account on their site, it failed and some (czech?) websites indicated the website was a scam.
After the weekend he will probably contact me for a 3th trade, where I assume I probably lose all my money. I would, ofcourse, like my money back: What are my options?
- She knows my financial situation and that I have 30k inheritance coming my way (told her about the funeral a month back), can I try to bait them back? ;)
- I am from Germany, can I go to the authorities or is it too early?
- I notified Binance, but they can't do anything (obviously).
Thanks in advance. It is really complicated and I wondered why I didn't lose the contact/money when I transferred it from binance already.

Update: got their IP-Adress through some elaborate means, which is Which is also reported to be scammy. If someone has a DDOS lying around, that would be nice :P. (Joking, not suggesting!). Hopefully this IP is not against rule #1
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